Beach Week

Last week I went with about 60 other FYPers to North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a migration made by a large proportion of the UVa population. We had rented several apartments right by the beach and had a fantastic time. While beach week is known as a time of copious drinking and all-around debauchery, my friends and I actually just had a really nice relaxing time, chilling out and spending time together, and watching all the first years get wasted. Ha.

Beach week activities included:

–       Napping. On the beach, by the pool, in bed…

–       Jigsaw puzzles

–       Discussions about politics, religion, gay rights, abortion, the meaning of art and life in general. Mine was the intellectual apartment!

–       Playing and learning new drinking games

–       Many, many games of Bananagrams, a continuation of the tournament which began in between scene changes for Romeo & Juliet!

–       Swimming in the ocean and frolicking in the waves.

–       Reading Harry Potter aloud to a big group of us sunbathing on the beach. They were particularly excited that they were being read Harry Potter by someone with a British accent!

–       Swimming in the pool, especially at night.

–       Reading

–       Browsing beachy shops

–       One visit to the tacky, sweaty, notorious yet hilarious local nightclub, The Spanish Galleon (always referred to as Speegee).

–       Grilling burgers and hot dogs by the pool

–       Frisbee on the beach

–       Night-time walks along the beach

–       Going out to dinner to Dirty Dick’s Crab Shack as a group of 60 people. And not in fact being the most obnoxious group of diners there (it also happened to be Bike Week that week).

–       Being constantly sandy, all week long. Even in bed.

A good few days.

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