Theatre and Bagels

Time is flying by, and this is now the last full week of classes of the semester. Madness. Three weeks left of the semester, and I’m trying not to think about it. So lately…

– I’ve been crewing for Romeo & Juliet which is a lot of fun, and a fantastic production. The set pieces are huge and complicated and scary but we’ve pretty much got it down now. Last week we did three shows, right now we have a few days off and then five more from Wednesday. The cast and whole team are awesome so I’m really enjoying it. Unfortunately at one of the dress rehearsals I ran over my foot with one of the set pieces (which is about the size of my bedroom) so I have been limping around with a nasty toe injury for a week, but whatever. The show must go on.

– This past weekend auditions were held for the Drama Dept shows for the coming semester, which will be the play Rhinoceros and the musical Spring Awakening (one of my favourites – jealous I won’t be able to be part of it!), and I helped out with them, and yesterday got to sit in for all the callbacks for Spring Awakening which was brilliant (and I was very pleased that my casting choices were pretty spot on with the director’s!).

– Last Monday I got up at the ungodly hour of 5am for a little FYP event called Bodomination. This takes some explaining. Now FYP (that drama organisation I’m involved with, see my post from like November about that) arranges for people to go to Bodo’s (a famous Charlottesville bagel place on the Corner) every Monday morning before people’s 9am classes – you get picked up and have a bagel breakfast together. I’ve never gone because I live so far out (also don’t have a Monday 9am this semester so I enjoy that time in bed). However once a year there is Bodomination. One of the things people try and do here is get the #1 ticket at Bodo’s – i.e. the first order of the day. It’s on the list of things to do before you graduate and stuff. There are three Bodo’s locations in Charlottesville, and on this one day a year, FYP takes over all of them and gets the #1 ticket at all three. But they open at like 6.30 so you have to get there early and wait outside. So this is what we did, and then as tradition dictates, we all met and went to eat our bagels together on the steps of the Rotunda (on this day referred to as the Botunda… of course).

Waiting for it to open… not yet fully light

This is the kind of stuff I’m really going to miss.

Natalia xxx

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