… was not quite as wild as the stereotype would have it. UVa’s spring break was last week, a week off in the middle of the semester (meaning I am now THREE QUARTERS of my way through my time at UVa which I am in total denial about since I don’t want to think about that) when most students either go home or head to somewhere like Florida for the classic college spring break experience. My roommates and I instead headed to Norfolk, Virginia, a city by the coast. Amelia’s dad had got us a hugely discounted room rate at the Sheraton Hotel so we had a little weekend away in a pretty random place. Unfortunately it rained pretty much the whole weekend and it turns out there isn’t a ton to do in Norfolk, but never mind. We went to an art gallery and went shopping and saw a movie and hung out in our hotel room and it was really nice to just be somewhere different.


Norfolk has mermaid statues like this absolutely everywhere – the symbol of the city, I guess. We tried to take a photo with every one we saw, although there are so many that we got a little bored with that after about fifteen minutes.

Norfolk is the biggest naval base in the country and is very much focused around ships and sailors and all that stuff. I particularly liked this statue outside the naval museum.

On the Monday my three roommates headed off to their various homes and I took my first Greyhound bus up to DC, where I met my fellow British exchange friend Sukie and we had 24 hours there. We stayed in a great little hostel and visited the Holocaust Museum, the National Gallery of Art and the Postal Museum.

The rest of spring break I just spent back in Charlottesville, which was partly relaxing, partly productive and partly a little bit lonely but then I met up with some people and then my roommates came back and it was fine.

I’ve now finished classes for another week and everything’s ticking along nicely, including our devised play.  This week the weather has turned amazing – 29 degrees and sunny mostly. Everyone’s digging out their summer clothes and lounging around outside. This is yesterday on the Lawn:

Two more posts to come very very soon.

Warm, sunny, Virginian love,

Natalia xxx

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