Round Two

I’m back at UVa, for my second (and last) semester. The Christmas holidays (or technically ‘winter break’) were great, went to lots of places, saw a lot of people… of course it was over way too quickly and it felt strange leaving home life again to come back out here. Not in a bad way, obviously it was less stressful as I knew exactly where I was returning too, but was also less exciting, for the same reason. But anyway. I’ve been back a little over a week now and had a few days of my new classes, which seem fine. More about them in a few weeks.

There’s not a whole lot to say about being back, as not a lot has happened. The main difference is that a lot of my friends here who were also on exchange have left, as they were only here for one semester. Out of about fifteen of us, six remain, and only two of us left at Copeley (where I live). So that’s one big adjustment, not having that big group to hang out with and go out for dinner and to bars with – but it also forces you to make new friends, which is obviously a good thing.

Once everything properly kicks off (FYP, for example) I’m sure this semester will feel a lot better, because right now it feels a bit empty and just with a lot of work looming.

Well that all sounds a bit negative, so let’s have some photos from the end of last semester:

Edgar Allan Poe’s room – while he was at UVa Poe slept in one of the ‘Range’ rooms, where students still live – but they keep his preserved like it was then. Notice the raven.

At the big UVa vs. VA Tech game – this kid’s outfit got a lot of attention!

One of the ice sculptures at Lighting of the Lawn.

The Rotunda lit at Lighting of the Lawn. The lights in the windows are the symbols of the three main secret societies – you see those signs everywhere around Grounds.

More soon.

Cold and wintry love,

Natalia xxx


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  1. This is great! I go to Old Dominion University, in Norfolk. I was just up late looking at the countries various universities and greek life and I stumbled upon this. Wish you had better weather when you came to Norfolk, its really a great place, just 30 minutes away from the beach! I’ve always wanted to tour UVA’s campus and I’m glad I found this. Thanks for sharing this!

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