Nearly there…

Hello! I am still alive out here, albeit drowning slightly in end-of-semester assignments. The end is very much in sight though, I really only have three pieces of work left to do and THAT’S IT. This weekend I’ll do a proper post (and try to dig up some photos) but right now there’s a 12-15 page paper due tomorrow. In spite of this, things are really, really good. Several things to look forward to before I leave (like Lighting of the Lawn tonight, a big event where everyone gathers, singing groups perform and the whole Rotunda and Lawn get lit up for Christmas), and I’m also very excited about coming home (in less than two weeks!).

But first – epic theatre and staging ‘Angels in America’ (which I can’t really complain too much about since it is an extremely interesting topic. But good lord I will be happy once it’s done.)

Natalia xxx

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