On the Road

This past weekend was UVa’s fall break, so three other exchange students and I decided to do the American thing and hit the road. We rented a car on Friday and headed south.

Driving down through Virginia we kept away from the interstate highways so we got to go through a lot of little towns and really see the countryside properly. It was a beautiful day, we plugged in our iPods to the car stereo and watched the scenery go by.

That evening we arrived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and checked into the Red Roof Inn. We went into town for dinner at a bar/restaurant named, slightly hilariously, Spanky’s, then went to a few bars. Franklin Street, where the restaurants and bars were, was right next to the University of North Carolina campus, but seemed to be all there really was to the town, though I can’t be sure. It was fairly similar to the Corner here at UVa though a bit bigger.

On Saturday morning we headed back into Chapel Hill for breakfast at Ye Olde Waffle Shoppe (we didn’t have waffles. Pancakes for me, while Annelie tasted the very southern dish of ‘grits’… imagine cous cous all mashed up and gooey with absolutely no taste. We were not huge fans.) before exploring the UNC campus. It was game day as well, which made it fun as there were tons of people wandering around in light blue shirts going to support the UNC football team.

At the motel

On Franklin St

We all loved the UNC campus, which had lots of green space and trees and nice old buildings, although they weren’t as uniform as they are at UVa. We were discussing it and agreed that in some ways UNC’s campus was better as ours can be a little too perfect, in that it almost doesn’t seem real. UNC has a proper university campus feeling to it. Seems like a great place to go, although of course my allegiance is still firmly with UVa!

A rather harsh reminder that yes, this is the South. (By the way, the cocktail-drinking chili pepper isn’t anything to do with the sticker that was plastered on his sign, although he looks pretty angry about liberalism too.)

At 1pm we headed out of Chapel Hill going South again and got lunch at the North/South Carolina border at some chain diner-type place called Huddle House.

We were on our way to Charleston! But more on that tomorrow.

To be continued… (because this post has actually taken me hours with my crappy internet connection and now I must do work.)

Road trippin’ love,

Natalia xxx

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