These Days


– I had my first ‘midterm’ exam, which was for history and only 50 minutes long and went fine. Luckily it’s my only midterm, and now my first UVa exam is out the way!

– I learnt that ‘apple cider’ here is non-alcoholic, non-sparkling, and often served warm. It’s a ‘fall’ thing that little kids often have. How bizarre.

– I went to the gym, forgot my keys and got locked out of my apartment, with no phone either. Almost everyone I knew in Copeley was also out, finally went to the boys’ apartment and hung out there for an hour or so (in a disgusting sweaty post-gym state… terrific.) before going back and discovering that one of my roommates had actually been in the whole time. Oh well.


– Has been a really beautiful, sunny day. The last few weeks have been very grey and rainy so it’s lovely to have weather like this.

– I got the last actor on board for my Directing scene, so I can get underway with that now.

– I got an A on the first paper I’ve written here, also for Directing. Extremely happy about that.

– I’m seeing the Drama Department’s production of Parade, one of my favourite shows, which I saw a stunning production of back in London in August. It’s directed by my Directing professor and I absolutely cannot wait to see how they’ve done it, and how it compares to the other one I saw. Next weekend I’m going to Washington DC and there’s yet another production of it playing there… is three different productions of the same show within two months a bit excessive? Maybe, but I’m still tempted!


– I have no classes, as it’s a Friday. I love my free Fridays. Definitely going to try to have the same set-up next semester. This Friday is the start of Fall Break, which means we have no classes on Monday or Tuesday. Like our Reading Weeks back home, except only two days. No slacking off here.

– I’m leaving for a road trip down south with three exchange student friends in a rented car. First night in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, then two nights in Charleston, South Carolina. Can’t wait to get on the road and see a bit more of the country. Hopefully lots of photos and stories to come next post!

Natalia xxx

One response

  1. Hi Natalia

    I am so excited that I get to read all about your experiences as posted. My we have moved on from postcards and a scrap book! It sounds like you are really enjoying yourself and I am very happy for you.

    Lots of Love
    Suzanne xxx

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