An American 21st

Last Saturday was my 21st birthday, the first one I’ve spent away from home and obviously quite a big one, especially over here with their weird alcohol-paranoid-late-drinking-age thing. Two days earlier was also the birthday of one of my roommates, so we had a pretty fun birthday weekend. First I opened some cards and presents that had arrived from abroad (exciting!), then went out for lunch at a nice Asian restaurant on the Corner with the roommates and a few other friends.

The roommates and I outside the restaurant. With a really pretty house in the background.

That evening I went out to a couple of bars on the Corner with some other exchangers, which was fun except that everywhere closes pretty early here so just as you’re starting to get into it you have to leave. Lesson learnt – start earlier next time! Still, it was a good evening.

Some of the girls and I while waiting for the bus, with the law school in the background. Always a pretty background here!

As for this past week, nothing particularly noteworthy has happened. It’s been another stressful week work-wise so I haven’t done anything except desperately try to meet all the deadlines. Next week doesn’t look too bad, so there seems to be an weekly alternating really heavy/not-quite-so-heavy-but-still-pretty-damn-strenuous thing going on with the workload.

This morning I went to the Farmers’ Market which happens every Saturday downtown, and there was also a Vegetarian Festival happening, so we spent a really pleasant morning wandering around those before getting lunch on the Downtown Mall. I really want to take some photos around downtown but haven’t managed to yet. It’s a really lovely area.

Well, onwards with the work. Two plays to read this weekend, ‘Time Stands Still’ by Donald Margulies and ‘The Buried Child’ by Sam Shepard. Hope they’re good!

Apologies for a not particularly interesting post. Another (better!) one to come tomorrow.

Much American love,

Natalia xxx

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  1. There’s a gay club about a mile or so away near the downtown walking mall. If you want to hang out later, it’s open till 4 am, but you have to be a member or a friend of a member. Everyone gets a membership as a means of having an after hours club to go to, so while it is very gay and lesbian friendly, a bunch of straight people go as well especially on the weekends. Good luck next time you’re out celebrating.

    P.S. I left C’ville about 6 years ago. I went there undergrad. I got nostalgic and was looking for a screen saver for my work computer. I used your pic of the lawn you took on your first day and kept reading the blog because it was interesting. Keep up the good work. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself at UVA.

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