A glimpse of UVa in photos

I’ll start this thing off with some photos. I haven’t actually taken too many yet, I need to get on that, but here’s a taster:

The one and only baggage carousel at Charlottesville airport. Showing its school spirit.

My apartment on move-in day (it looks a little more homey now).

My room on move-in day…

… and a few days later (mine’s the side on the left, the one with way less stuff!)

The amphitheatre. Most of my classes are in buildings right next to this.

A small sampling of some UVa gear at one of the shops on the Corner. Almost every shop around here sells UVa apparel, even pharmacies and Walmart and supermarkets, plus of course the University Bookstore (which is practically a department store) and specialist shops like this. Navy and orange EVERYWHERE.

The lawn, which is the very centre of grounds, as seen from the Rotunda steps. This is the oldest bit of the university, and some students and staff still live in the houses and rooms on each side of the grass (massive honour).

More posts on the way…


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